A Cuppa Knowledge

Saturday afternoon saw me trundle off to a talk about coffee with a bunch of friends. I’m by no means a coffee connoseur and so my initial reaction was ‘Yawn, what have I gotten myself into?’. The coffees tasted pretty much the same to me and the discussion of how coffee was made was about as interesting as a visit to a German Manufacturing Plant. And then we got to the history of coffee and my little historian heart was filled with joy. The history of coffee has everything that I look for in a story: a long, meandering journey across time and the countries of the Earth with cameo appearances by pirates, thieving Indians, the London Stock Exchange, Islam and WWII. In fact it inspired me to start a new blog series ‘The History of Coffee”. If you’re in Somerset West and have some time to spare and have any interest in coffeee, pop in at the International Coffee Roasting House Place. The Website follows. www.coffeecompany.co.za

That was some pretty quick following. Anyway, check it out. Also, links to my friend’s blogs are up. If you are my friend and you have a blog, let me know.

For those who care 

  • The highest per capita consumer of coffee is Finland (11.5 kg a year). South Africans consume 0.5 kg a year. That’s probably because of all the poor people not pulling their weight.
  • Bernard and I were thinking about instituting a per rich capita measurement so we can exclude all those people who’ve never smelt coffee before and give those Fins a run for their money.
  • Also discussed while at the Coffe Place: The English Civil War, Socialism and Revisionist views of History.
  • Tina Fey stole my ‘Long Distance is the Wrong Distance’ soundbite. ROBOT WARNING: I am not pleased. 

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  1. And of course, you didn’t tell me about the blog. I should have expected as much.

    Dig the jab at German manufacturing plants. And yes, the poor people in SA do really muck about our statistics don’t they? SO inconvenient! 😉

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