aKING Month!

(This is not a musical blog. I have no musical training. Production and whatnot is Bernard’s thing. But I love me some aKING…)

With the release of aKING’s new album I’ve been plunged back into my crazy obsessive love of this South African rock band. These guys have a number of entries on my mental Soundtrack of Stellenbosch (ooh, blog-idea). It’s something about the lyrical complexity of the songs, the ridiculous emo-vibes or the just plain old-school rockingness. I’ve bought the T-shirts, watched the music videos, got beer spilled on me at the concerts and now it’s time for the self-indulgent blog series. 25 Songs, listened to and over-analysed. Taking it more like a poetry anthology than two CDs (and an EP), I’m sure a lot of actual music people will disagree with my opinions, but in that case you can go get your own blog. aKING month is here!

From the first album, Dutch Courage

See what the fuss is about at www.rhythymonline.co.za


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