Holy Train – CD 1 Track 2

Get your hands off the children they’re fighting for air
Dig a grave and mourn about your culture instead
The world’s had its hand on the fire for years
While you judge and damn to hell
Without an eager ear
Social cancer! Man-made heathen! Queer!
There’s a holy train coming and it’s leaving you here
Well, buckle up. Go! We couldn’t make up our minds
Remember to leave anything earthly behind
We’ll make our way to the other side
There’s a Holy Train coming and it’s leaving you here
I’d rather be late than waiting
To see a liberated third world nation
Young man you’re a fool
Look where your impudence has lead you
Don’t expect forgiveness too soon
We chase our own tails for truth
Trying to keep our precious egos in use
We’ve lost our minds along the way

Now might not be the most appropriate time for the song that probably needs the most attention.  You see, Holy Train is about the church. About how we don’t like the church. Full disclosure: I quite like the church. I spent a year working in one. So I feel like I need a decent chunk of blog to deal with not only why I like this song, but why criticising the church is a good thing. Oi. Perhaps a little later. Right now let’s take a look at that song.

Holy Train puts on display some of key characteristics of an aKING song. Thematically, we’re dealing with a since of isolation and dissociation with a good deal of anger worked in. The vocals are the characteristically low, rumbling growl of manliness. The opening lyrics are the usual half-despairing, half-bizarre amalgam that ensures that listening to an aKING song for a month is likely to yield new lyrical gems almost daily. What knocks Holy Train up to the next level is that driving drumbeat and a spot on brilliant chorus. Short, no-where near sweet and you’ll be singing it for days. The song is essentially a scathing and sarcastic comment on Traditional Christian-Afrikaans Culture; the chorus a damning cry placed in the mouths of the aforementioned community. As a happy-little Christian, my view is this: I’m quite happy that people don’t like Christians who offer nothing but condemnation and denials of the realities of life. I don’t like Christians who offer nothing but condemnation. Let’s all sing along with aKING and make sure that our brand of Christianity offers something more than that.

Get your hands off the children they’re fighting for air.”


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  1. Cara Meintjes

    It makes me angry that the whole traditional christian-afrikaans community is equated with condemning messages and denials. There are different people in that group and some of them are pretty damn amazing. Some of them are living incredible lives. But it’s human to judge a group according to those representatives you’ve gotten to know.

    Interesting how the same lyricist admits in “Guilty as Sin” that he knows “deliverance is an open door – you can choose to go inside”, an acknowledgement that detaches his views on the church from his personal spiritual walk in a way that this song does not.

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