Guilty as Sin

Step into the night
Breathe into it life
Don’t want to be clean
But I’m keen to try
On an all night ride
A punched-ticket sunrise
Don’t want to be seen
I’m keen to survive
I’ve wasted opportunities and lost my grip
My overheating conscious lit my eyes on fire
A dawn chorus of silhouettes
The verdict is in
Guilty As Sin
Spread myself thin
I’ve always been
Guilty As Sin
Tell me, where do I begin?
We’re constantly repeating
I’m prone to forget
That all of this is merely feeding malignant regret
The ruthless pursuit
A symptom of our time
I’m happy paralised and dreaming
Treading on this thin line
Light my eyes on fire
I have fallen behind
My every step fuels my demise
A futile attempt to repent
I must’ve lost my mind
Seek and you shall find
A messiah to remind you
That deliverance is an open door
You can choose to go inside
A choice I’ve been postponing for the most of my young life
Ignorance is easy to ignore if you try
But it’s hard to come down from these visceral heights
Like a rolling tide I cannot be cleansed by

I have a special attachment to Guilty as Sin. There are three things that I really enjoy in a song. They are:

1)      Clapping.

Moments of clapping in songs really exemplify that sort of jubilant elation that music can inspire. There’s something about abandoning all forms of coolness and clapping along or embracing the inherent cheesiness of the quick two clap. It’s gotten to the point where even an enjoyable sokkie will be momentarily interrupted to acknowledge a moment of clappiness. Take a listen to Jimmy Eat World’s Here it Goes for some retro-clappy goodness. Yes, I am a big J.E.W fan.


2)      Made-Up or Pseudo-Words

Maybe it’s the deep-rooted silliness in me, but I love me some songs with ‘doo-wops’ and ‘la-la-la’s’ in them. Jack Johnson famously never got around to finishing the words to Bubbly Toes and the song ended up the better for it, but my all time favourite made-up words band has to be The Killers. Check out Read My Mind for some serious ‘ooo-wapping’


3)      Crowd Singing

Particularly in evidence in on those super-emotional tracks, the complete lack of music (or perhaps just the drums keeping the beat) and the crowd singing along. Guilty as Sin has one of my favourite crowd-singing moments of all time, probably enhanced by the fact that I’ve actually crowd-sung it myself a couple of times.

Guilty as Sin is a fantastic song. The issues of religion and the images of Christianity provide the song with a deep well of emotion from which to draw. From the first truly plaintive opening on the album there comes a build-up of passion and frustration that Laudo infuses into his voice so well, till we reach the crowd-singing moment and a realisation that a lot of the issues in life may be a result of your own issues more than any external forces. I get the feeling that the internal issues hinted at here may be a sense of guilt instilled by the church, but I think the point remains a valid one. Whatever the correct interpretation, Guilty as Sin remains one of my favourite tracks off the album.

“I’m prone to forget / That all of this is merely feeding malignant regret”


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