Hiatus Over

Once again a fairly lengthy blog break. Multiple reasons for the slacking off: some good, some not so good, but let’s imagine that it’s all because of the post-Getting a Girlfriend euphoria and ignore the super-stressful academic pressure that was (and still partially is) piled up on me. Yes, I got a girlfriend. There is some fear from certain portions of the friendship circle that that fact will begin to encompass every post and comment in my life, I’ve always considered myself able to establish clear boundries, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Too much study, but in between there has been: Modern Family, a movie or two and a desire not yet fully realised, to return to reading something that isn’t a legal judgement. Now that I’ve actually picked up a keyboard, there will be thoughts to follow. As it stands, it’s good to be back.

For those who care:

  •  Um…
  • Wow. Exams really sucked the creativity right out of me.
  • It’s Bernard’s Birthday today. Happy Birthday.

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