1. I once provided backing vocals and wrote a few tracks (lyrics) for a very limited edition CD. The only copy was given to a friend of mine for his 21st. Every song was about him. Stand out tracks were “I am a Spader”, “Counterstrike: I am Better than You” and “Your Stupid Mini”.

2. For a very long time I was obsessed with Professional Wrestling. I’d sleep over at friend’s houses so we could watch the Special Events on Monday mornings at 5. In High School we once put together an entire wrestling event for an assembly. I was put through a table. During break time a fight broke out. I’m pretty sure that it was our fault. It’s still difficult for me not to watch if it happens to be on e-TV. This is difficult as about 76% of e –TV is now wrestling.

3. I’ve written several plays and short stories, about fairytale crime, African folklore, feminism and the interconnectivity of life. People seemed to like them.

4. I’m trying to find a skinny black tie. If anyone has any idea where I can get hold of one I’d appreciate being told.  UPDATE: I got two for my birthday.

5. According to the Meyers-Briggs Personality test I am psychic. No lies.

6. My favourite things to say are…”I’m just saying”…”I won’t lie…” and ”Good hustle team”.

7. I don’t watch Chick Flicks. I don’t watch Horror Movies. I avoid movies with talking animals.

8. I was once the Junior Mayor of East London. It is 100 times less cool than it sounds.

9. I often talk to myself. When people walk in on me talking to myself I often pretend to be singing. This has led to the creation of some very interesting songs.

10. Some people say I use humour to hide what I’m really feeling. I say “A polar bear walks into a bar and says ‘I’ll have a gin and…tonic’. The barman says ‘What’s with the pause?” The bear replies “These? I’ve had them my whole life.”

11. I love to Singstar. I love to improv sing (making up songs on the spot). I love to dance (sokkie, los, the whole deal). I like four things in a song 1) clapping, 2) made up words (oo-wap) 3) crowd singing and 4) guys slipping into falsetto for but a second.

12. My favourite word is egregious. It means “remarkably bad”. Its direct meaning is “separated from the flock”, the same root as gregarious, “enjoying being surrounded by people”.

13. My favourite non-The Bible book is Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels. It’s one of the few non-The Bible books that changed my life. One of the others was Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss; I started using the semi-colon because of that one. Shantaram was also darn good.

14. Did you know that our semi-colon was once the Greek question mark;

15. My first real pet was a rat. His name was Rat. Actually, I tried unsuccessfully to name him a few times, but he only ever answered to Rat. He enjoyed Super-C’s and not water. My favourite pet is the Chinchilla. I’ll never buy one because they are way too expensive, but if I did I would name it Bartolus de Saxoferrato, after an Italian jurist. I might just shorten that to Rato. The hair of a Chinchilla is 30 times softer than human hair. UPDATE: I got a rat for my birthday. His name is Martin and he has a small fan club which, counter-intuitively consists largely of girls.

16. I leave my tea bag in the cup. It is a source of distress for all who know me.

17. Pet hates; I have them, but don’t often show it. They are “Changing the song before it’s done”, “Not closing the door”, “Dropping Spoilers without regard for others”, “Multiple exclamation marks” and “Not adhering to Facebook’s status message limits: John Higgity is I had such a good day!!!! Aaaah! Wrong!

18. I love URPU, a Stellenbosch University chat program. I have withdrawal symptoms if I’m away for too long. You can add “People who have no status messages” to my pet hates.

19. I once had bronchitis for 3 months. It was during my first year at University. It was the sickest I have ever been. I had to change shirts three times in one night because they were drenched in sweat.

20. Once, I watched so much Flight of the Conchords that I ended up with a New Zealand accent. I am indebted to Kevin (Emo-Kev) who got me hooked on this one. I love “Most Beautiful Girl in the Room”, but for some reason “Sello-Tape” speaks to me.

21. I have seen Anchorman 17 times. I am not proud of this. Ok, maybe just a little.

22. I love lists. Really, just rank anything and I’m there.

23. I have seen every episode of Survivor.

24. I have read every Terry Pratchett novel, except ‘Nation’. Does someone want to buy me Nation?

25. I am the very model of a modern Major General.


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