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Home again, home again

It’s been a pretty slow week on the blogging front, due to my continued ‘work’ at an auditing firm. I say ‘work’ because even though I’ve managed to rack up three and a half years of tertiary education, I still know next to nothing about pretty much anything practical. Thanks however to my incredibly low standards, I’ve actually enjoyed myself; I just haven’t been disciplined enough in maintaining my level of writing during this period.

 Last night was a unique experience as my grandparents hosted a double bible study get-together of their group and the young adult cell. And ridiculously, it was a lot of fun. Large amounts of food always help to grease the wheels of the social cart and a good dose of Christian fellowship usually counts for something.

 For those who care

  • My grandfather was in hospital for 3 years and on crutches for 15 years. Bam. You can’t beat that. Don’t even try.
  • One of the ladies in my grandparent’s bible study owned the SA champion Bull Terrier named Gambit. Don’t tell me that isn’t the coolest name for a dog, ever.
  • Another lady was married to a farmer, lived on a dairy farm and has never milked a cow.

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