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aKING – Dutch Courage – My Last Words and Lonely Hands

My Last Words

Settle down, don’t fight, don’t cry
People tend to turn a blind eye
We don’t want to see a murder committed here tonight
With steel to my side I felt like a child
I will do anything you ask
Anything that you desire
You keep my life in your hands
The omens are always there
I’ve become numb to their
Constant warning signs
This miserable day-in-day-out
Everyone belongs to everyone else
My last words will fall on death’s ears
This rotten air I breathe
My nerves are like crystal to me
It is clear
The crime that we share
The initiation to celebrate despair
My contribution to statistics
A cracking veneer
The traumatic acceptance of my mortality
Although my existence doesn’t mean that much to me
All of my acquaintances will be missed
but I think of the ones that I hold dear
The ones I’ve been blessed with
Have you found what you looking for?
Can we please just get on with it?
It’s funny how it’s gotten down to this.
So what can we do?

Lonely Hands

I’ve pulled a few fast ones
This time I’ll stick around
Sister, I’ve shot my mouth off
I apologise
A disappointment repeatedly, I am well aware
That my observations lack insight
Much like my conversations
My motivations run dry
I break into the distance
I’ll wear my shame on my sleeve
I’m shaking in resistance
Trying not to make a scene
Only lonely hearts know where lonely hands go
I’ve played a few good hands
This long line of bad blood hangs like a noose I wear with pride
I apologise
The degradation of being meek
I am well aware
It’s suffice to say that a lack of foresight is debilitating
This beholder is blind
Excuse the mess, excuse the awkwardness
I know you’re not impressed
Regardless of my attempts to straighten-out a little
My absence of hope is second only to my absence of will

One of the attractions of aKING is the sheer manliness of the band. The image the band portrays is one of a fairly rough group of guys, the type you might find having a drink and a smoke at a not too clean venue somewhere around Stellenbosch.The Members of aKING Say what you like, but for any guy it’s important to in some way be associated with manliness. That feeling of manliness is conveyed in a very visceral way in the vocals of Laudo Liebenberg. For one thing, the man can sing exceptionally low. It’s always easier to sound like a man when you’re vibrating the floorboards with your voice. No offence to Chris Martin as I’m also a huge Coldplay fan, but falsetto crooning doesn’t affirm my masculinity nearly as much as the deep near growling of these two songs. Secondly, Laudo really does pack a lot of feeling into these songs. Martin achieves a similar effect, loading his lyrics with emotion, but where tracks like The Scientist, Fix You and Strawberry Swing become things of heart-breaking, fragile beauty, aKING manages to dabble in desperate isolation while leaving you in no doubt that they’re going to grab a beer or three after the recording session. 

“Everyone belongs to everyone else”

“My absence of hope is second only to my absence of will”

On a side note, Bernard shot an aKING gig a while back and swears that Laudo now looks exactly like Chris Martin.


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