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What this will become

I’ve just spent four hours of mindlessly shifting words around in a minor assignment for a minor subject, the type you just know is going to award as many points for format as it is for ideas, so I thought I’d blog a bit.

While it was my initial idea to lay out a classic diatribe on how restricted I find these assignments and how ten pages is not enough to put across any sort of decent product I realised that nerd-whining is a highly refined taste and that in short no-one (not even me) really cares. As so instead I’m left considering what this blog is going to be about. I’ve come to the realisation that it really is about nothing.

It’s a recent trend that my friends are telling me that I have no life. From Theuns’ ‘robot-boy’ comments to Bernard’s polite questioning of when I’m going to get around to doing anything with my life. The proverbial cake-topping cherry was Cara’s insistence (while studying with me) that I need to get a life so I don’t end up pre-studying on a Monday night. These are all valid points, but the trajectory of my life has been to patently avoid any sort of excitement and/or change. Whether this blog remains what I intended it to be “The Diary of the Boy who does Nothing” or whether it chronicles the start of the next part of my life remains to be seen. My opinion? Don’t hold your breath…

For those who care 

  • The assignment is a comparison between the practice of plea bargaining in America and South Africa. It’s not very good.
  • I was listening to Greenday’s 21st Century Breakdown while typing the assignment. Not as immediately arresting as American Idiot, but I’m quite taken with it, particularly the first 5 tracks.

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