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Ice Skates, Irony and Public Transport

Today saw a bunch of my church buddies and I head off to Grand West Casino to go Ice Skating for Ronel’s Birthday. Since there were a couple of us and a limited number of vehilces we took the train. What needs to be kept in mind is that I 1) have been Ice Skating once before in East London’s mini ice-rink, which was shut down ’cause the Chinese owners were running drug deals (maybe, that’s what I heard, I’m not sure, please don’t sue me for libel). That particular ice-skating adventure was far less public as the whole rink had been booked out. This was also maybe more than 5 years ago. And 2) I never use public transport, so the day was always going to be eventful.

First off. South Africa’s train system is way more complicated than I could ever imagine. At no point in my journey to Cape Town was I entirely sure where we were nor why we were there. Signage is definitelylacking. Over and above the lack of signage was the general effort required in train travel. Keeping your wits about you is essential. Also you should not that neither the doors nor in fact the train itself, waits for you to get off. A lack of knowledge of these simple facts was what resulted in a short detour to Thorton Station for half of our group. The one thing about the South African train service that alarmed me was the difficulty I had in paying. So much difficulty in fact, that I ended up not paying. I could not for the life of me figure out where you could pay if you wanted to. Our new Minister of Transport is allegedly a communist so maybe that’s how things go. Do they have free public transport in Cuba?  

Despite all this, we arrived at Grand West ready to burn up the ice. Ok, about 90% of those ice-skaters were 12 year old girls and my absolute lack of any ability to steer/stop/actually skate the most common phrase I ended up using was “Watch out little girl”. I did manage to keep my CLEAR RECORD of never falling at the ice rink. That’s two outings, no failures. I’m all about the low risk threshold.

Good times were had by all. Happy Birthday Ron. God’s richest blessing for the next year.  

For those who care

  • You could feel the excitement ramp up a notch among the twelve year old contingent when the Jonas Brothers came on at the ice rink.
  • A banana is the fruit most closely related to humans. Steven told me this and he’s a geneticist.
  • These  was an extensive discussion regarding what irony actually is. In case you were wondering, Rain on your wedding day is not ironic, it’s unfortunate.
  • Speaking of weddings, this weekend was Bernard’s first solo wedding. He got flown up to Pretoria. Hope it went well.
  • Grand West Casino is highly disturbing. I was hugely disquieted by the fake sky roof and lack of any natural light. Deception seems to be second nature with these people.
  • There’s too much deliciousness!
  • NEW aKING album! Will be devoting a lot of time to this one.  

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