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The Princess Roll

Another wasted day tapping away at the hated assignment. Now officially 2 pages over-sized. It wasn’t completly wasted though. Kevin and I had an awesome lunch at Kuaui (how many ‘u’s does that thing have?) where I was deprived of ordering my favourite meal because I was too ashamed to order the ‘Princess Roll’. Why would you name something so obviously manly a ‘Princess Roll’. It should be called a ‘Fighter-jet, Razorblade Roll’. Ok. Maybe not ‘Razorblade’. That might put the wrong idea in people’s minds. Anyway, I opted for the ‘Cheddar Melt’. Good old neutral ‘Cheddar Melt’.

Saturday I’m off on an adventure with people I don’t know tasting fine coffees and trying not to tell them the story about the ‘Princess Roll’. Wish me luck.

Wow. Even more insubstantial than the last post.

For those who care

  • Watched the Lost Season 5 Finale. Lost is like that girl who you love, but who continually draws you along and because you love her you follow her and you enjoy yourself, but you don’t really get anywhere, you never feel like you know what’s going and then you realise that you’ve just spent five years devoting yourself to something that, yes, is fantastic and smart and funny and complicated and has time-travel, but that really has no intention of giving you any sort of resolution and you still think about it before you go to bed even though Jack is an Idiot. Farraday!
  • Bernard is upset cause I didn’t tell him about the blog. Get in line.
  • Watching Dylan Moran. It is alright.

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