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On a personal note

It’s been a while since I’ve jotted anything done on the blog. Recently I’ve had some university friends visiting my home town, I’ve moved back into my university digs and attended a friend’s wedding. I’ve taken a bit of a break from reading  and have been digging into Burn Notice and So You Think You Can Dance. I might write down a few words on those. I want to take a moment to address a couple of things while I have the chance: I’ve been getting some mentions on other blogs and I feel like if people come to visit this site in expectation of a multi-faceted and emotionally mature outlook on life they will be sorely disappointed.

The purpose of this blog is to force me to write stuff so that hopefully I get better at it and that it doesn’t take me 8 hours to write a University Newspaper Column. I write about books and movies and series because I’m interested in those things and they’re devoid of any personal emotions (for the most part). Maybe that will change (along with so many other things that have changed in the past six months), but it probably won’t and this blog will remain a narrow sliver of my thoughts and feelings. Sorry to those who were expecting more.

For those who care

  • In the old days people grew food and made salads and talked to each other, but nowadays I have things to watch on Television – Jon Stewart, The Daily Show
  • I’m loving Matt Costa. Show him the love he deserves.
  • “You should really only use a bunny suit on your second proposal.”  – Brett Anderson
  • The South African bus service can be relied on to be unreliable

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