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I’ve been gone for so longs that it feels like as I write this I’m merely taking a hiatus from taking a hiatus. I’ve been enjoyably distracted with a number of things at University; classes, friends and even art exhibitions. I’ve been enjoying some interesting reading both on the internet and the ordinary hard copy format and even managed to get some writing in.  The return to blogging comes at a sad time: Swine Flu is in Stellenbosch and we were making jokes about never going outside ever again, an acquaintance passed away. South Africa’s first Swine Flu fatality was announced today. I didn’t know him well, but he was in my First Year group in Eendrag and was Bernard’s first year roommate. He was 22. Current report show that there are 34 cases of the flu strain in the Western Cape, but it’s probably more than that.


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